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Campaign to save the Donnington Grove Golf Club footpaths

Local people are campaigning to keep the paths across the golf course open. Local people are campaigning to keep the paths across the golf course open.

About the campaign

Local people in Speen, Donnington and Newbury are campaigning against proposals to divert three footpaths across Donnington Grove Golf Course.

For many years, local people have safely used the footpaths between Newbury, Bagnor and Donnington. The new owners of Donnington Grove Golf Course are now claiming that the paths have become unsafe to use due to advances in golfing technology and have proposed that they be rerouted. This claim is disputed by local walkers and golfers. To our knowledge, only two people have ever been hit by a golf ball on the Donnington Grove Golf Course - and they were both golfers!

They also claim that they need to shift the footpaths in order to allow them to bring a major golf competition to the site. However, this ignores the fact that temporary closure orders for major events are easy to get.

Over 600 local people have already signed a petition opposing the proposed changes.

Stop press: the final decision is now expected on December 8th, 2005.

Background information

The following provide extra background information on the proposal:

How you can help

Public Meeting

A public meeting is going to be held on the evening of October 17, 2005 at 7.30 pm to discuss the issue in the Robert Sandilands school. The Council and the Golf Course have been asked to send representatives and Richard Benyon MP will be trying to attend.

Write to West Berkshire Council

The Council is currently carrying out consultations on these proposals. It's important that as many people as possible write in to object. Please let them know what you think of the proposals in writing, via:

Legal and Electoral Services
West Berkshire Council,
Market Street,

If you would like a copy of the actual consultation letter or require further information please telephone the Rights of Way Officer on 01635 519070 or the Legal Officer on 01635 519416 giving your name and postal address.

All responses are required by Friday 21st October 2005. The final decision is now expected on December 8th, 2005.

You can also contact your local West Berkshire councillors via

Sign the petition

Sign here to add your name to a petition against the proposals to close the footpaths.

Sign below to keep the paths open
Petition: We who sign this form are doing so to register our very grave concerns regarding the much used amenities of the public footpaths across Donnington Grove Golf Club, one of which runs from Grove Road to Bagnor village and which has been in use throughout living memory without previous hindrance or interference. Following the Golf Club’s recent acquisition by another party the ability of the public to enjoy the wildlife and the quiet use and enjoyment of the footpaths has been severely restricted and interfered with. As the Right to Roam and Disability Acts are now in force we feel we should again be able to resume the use of these footpaths peacefully, as has previously been the case, without let or hindrance and have proper access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
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Collect signatures

You can also help the campaign amongst people who don't use the internet, by printing out the attached petition form and collecting signatures against the proposed changes.

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Contact us

You can contact the campaign team via Jenny Foster at:

Jenny Foster
35 Burchell Road
RG14 1TX
(01635) 820291

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